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What's New

    Watch the live-streaming worship service every Sabbath.

    3ADM is pleased to announce a new Bible course called "The Light of the World." The awesome course is all about the life of Jesus Christ. Come enroll, study, and learn more about your Creator and Redeemer.

    Prayer Request is now available for member only. You may send a prayer request to 3ADM. 3ADM will pray for you.

    Sharing the Three Angels' Messages with the Deaf. This mission includes evangelism among Deaf people and training them to become true disciples of Christ so that they can be equipped to do their part in spreading the Everlasting Gospel.

    Watch the videos of healthy vegetarian cooking class.

    Reaching the Deaf through Three Angels Deaf Ministries

    The classic sermon videos from the 1980s to 1997 were converted from the VHS format to digital. Normally, VHS tapes show less video quality than today's videos. These old sermons are still valuable for our spiritual life.

    Come watch many ASL video sermons from the church, camp meeting and retreat.

    Whether in giving Bible studies, interpreting, or just being a friend, everyone (even those without signing skills) has a part in Deaf ministry. Explore some ideas as to what you can do.

    Interested to learn about Jesus? Come join Deaf Bible School for four amazing online courses: God's Way; The Light of the World; Amazing Facts; El Camino De Dios. Its FREE!

    Learn about God's love toward the world and how God delivered a promise of hope through prophecies. Watch the evangelistic series of 22 video lectures.

    Supporting Three Angels Deaf Ministries